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Design and installation of your fire detection systems and automatic fire alarm systems according to UNI 9795:2013. Verification of their proper maintenance pursuant to UNI 11224:2019 and DM 10/03/1998 Annex VI.


  • support in all necessary steps to adapt company requirements to fire prevention
  • consultancy for obtaining the CPI (fire prevention certificate), for getting expert opinions on the operation of installations and for drafting emergency and evacuation plans ‘EVAC’ (DM 10 March 1998)
  • design and installation of fire detection systems (conventional and directed) tailored to specific fire risk conditions and areas dimensions
  • design and set-up of fire extinguishing systems of different types (inert gas, chemical gas, water mist, CO2 and Novec TM1230 systems)
  • H24 monitoring by our Operations Centre of any fire alarm signals and timely alerting of the Fire Brigade for prompt intervention.

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