Integrated solutions as a response to technological change in the industry.

Integration and continuous updating with the application of artificial intelligence.

Integration allows us to exponentially multiply the performance of your security systems, implementing interconnection between all subsystems in the field and implementing accurate and comprehensive monitoring and data analysis. On the other hand, constant updating allows us to respond to your maintenance and technical support needs, paying particular attention to the latest regulatory developments.

Support and assistance from experts located throughout Italy

Our employed technicians and expert technology partners are present throughout the country to guarantee you constant maintenance and support.


  • routine maintenance services, i.e. periodic checks, and also extraordinary maintenance services on call
  • guaranteed repairs in the event of disruptions to the smooth functioning of the systems
  • 24-hour call centre for reports and technical support
  • insured technical intervention H24 all year round, direct telephone consultation with an expert.

Design and implementation of customised intrusion detection systems

Our services also include the design and implementation of a wide range of anti-intrusion systems: from infrared and microwave volumetric sensors to magnetic contacts, from microphone detectors to seismic sensors, and a variety of technological sensors capable of detecting critical situations such as gas leaks or flooding.

  • Full reliability and reduction of false alarms
  • full integration with the environment
  • full scalability and customisation
  • opportunity to request turnkey installations including coordination for any masonry, cabling and networking work.

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