Smart cameras, video management systems and advanced video and audio analysis algorithms.

We enhance your company’s security in step with technological evolution.

Our video and audio surveillance services implement traditional ones. Smart cameras (VMS), the newest generation of optical and thermal cameras and sophisticated audio-analysis systems refine and simplify their management.

Video Analysis Systems


  • powerful and scalable unified visualisation to simplify and speed up your daily surveillance operations
  • camera integration, also of different vendors
  • efficient use of resources in streaming and image storage management
  • transparent access to real-time recordings and videos
  • instantaneous control of cameras and connected security devices
  • drastic decrease of false alarms
  • overall view of recordings, with simplified forensic research
  • immediate assessment of the danger for the activation of timely intervention procedures with the help, when necessary, of the Security Guards.

Video Analysis for retail, marketing and sales service:

Specifically for retail, marketing and sales activation of:

  • dashboards for analyzing customer purchasing behavior
  • hotzone heat maps to identify key areas in the stores
  • customer counting and collection of gender and age data.

Audio Analysis Systems

Easier management for:

  • risk identification and automated alarm generation
  • processing of large amounts of data for the identification of suspicious objects or people
  • computer monitoring of the system: alerting of the physical operator occurs only in case of anomalies in the system
  • collection of information useful in optimizing sales and corresponding profits for retail businesses.

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